Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Baby Story

On Friday Miss Abigail Hope joined our family!  We have spent the last few days loving on her and her proud big sister Mady.
Friday could not have gone better.
Since we moved to Cheyenne, I had to find a new doctor and of course would be delivering in a new hospital.  I cannot speak more highly of my experience here in Cheyenne.  Hands down, this delivery was the easiest and most wonderful experience.  
From the guy who gave me my epidural and spent extra time explaining everything he was doing, to the labor/delivery nurse who was so much fun, and the doctor who was fantastic, everything went so well.
On Friday, I was scheduled to be induced and we went to the hospital at 7:00.  
Around 7:30, my doctor came in and started a natural induction process.  (No pitocin YAY!) 
It immediately started cramps and fairly regular contractions.  I was having back labor so by 11:30, I wanted an epidural.  I was only a 4 at this point and a little disappointed I wasn't making more progress.
After my epidural (side note: the doctor who put my epidural in actually did his residency at Wesley Hospital in Wichita!), things were good in my world.  I love epidurals and have decided I probably won't be able to have a natural birth and I am totally ok with that.
At 12:30, my doctor came in and broke my water and then at 2:00 he checked and I was at a 6 and said he would be back in an hour. I was excited about making progress since the morning had been rather slow.  
At 2:20, I started having uncontrollable shaking.  I never had anything like that with Mady so I had the nurse come in.  She gave me a popsicle thinking it was low blood sugar, but then decided to check me.  I was a 10 and the baby was coming fast!  I was having the "baby shakes".  
She ran out and grabbed the doctor right before he headed down for lunch.  
He came in and said, we're having a baby now!
The nurses literally had less than 5 minutes to get things ready and with 2 pushes, little Abby joined our family at 2:34 PM! 

I could not believe how fast she came!  We were all a little surprised including the nurses.  With Mady I pushed for 1 1/2 hours.  
She came out pink, wiggly, and adorable!  

We are so in love with our tiny little girl!


  1. I love baby stories!! Thanks for sharing! So happy for you!

  2. Cai came really fast too and was the easiest delivery. I only pushed for 5 minutes! So happy for you guys....enjoy snuggling your new baby girl!

  3. Praising God with you for the 2 beautiful girls He has given you and Jeremy! Enjoy them every thing you know they are freshman in highschool and starting their 1st day of BB practice (today)!! She is excited and nervous! Thanks for your work with her last year. Seth is also playing and has 2nd game today. I know they would both say hi if they were here! Blessings to you!