Monday, November 21, 2011

12 Lessons for 12 months continued...

Continuing on with the 12 lessons in 12 months.
When people tell you not to register for a diaper genie don't listen.
We didn't register for one because we thought "Hey, a cheap trashcan from Walmart will do the trick until we take out the trash."  WRONG!  I guess Jeremy and I had never really smelled how terrible diapers stink after sitting in a trashcan for several days.  It makes me nauseous every time I smell them and I'm not even pregnant.  

We quickly decided we needed an alternative to the "cheap trashcan from Walmart." I didn't want to spend much money of course so I decided to shop around.  

One week, I went into my local favorite shop, the Etc. Shop (yes it's a thrift store and I love it!) and what shall I find there?  Only a perfectly good diaper disposal pail!  And the best part....It was $2.  So now, there is a little stench in Mady's room from time to time, but combine that with the Newborn Nursery scent in the Scentsy warmer and our diaper pail, we pretty much have figured out how to cover it up.  And my nausea has almost gone away....except when I have to empty the diaper pail.

Not all babies tell you when they're hungry.
I didn't think this was possible.  Before having Mady I thought..."Ok so when a baby's hungry they'll cry and let you know like my niece and nephew did."  WRONG!  Mady has never been one to ask for food...ever.  I'm not kidding.  If it wasn't for me and Jeremy telling her to eat, the girl would go all day without eating.  This may explain the reason she's below 20 percentile in her weight...

This lesson however has been a good reminder that putting a baby on a schedule is necessary and it works!  If we would have let her decide when she was hungry, I'm pretty sure we would have been in the hospital several times this year for "failure to thrive".   

Saturday, November 19, 2011

12 Lessons

I can't believe Miss Mady turns 1 YEAR in less than 2 weeks.  (I also realize I skipped 11 months.  I will get back to that someday...)   This year has been filled with so many new things for our family.  We've learned so much that we wouldn't if MIss Mady hadn't been put into our lives.  

So for the next several posts, I'm going to share with you the 12 major lessons we've learned from being parents to our beautiful girl.  Some will be funny, and some will be serious.  And they are all in no particular order.  

Your baby may not grow or develop EXACTLY the way says they should.
This is a big one for Jeremy and I.  I guess I had this idea that if I read enough books, found out what was suppose to happen at each month, then Mady would develop exactly like that.  I don't know why I thought that babies all develop at the same rate.  

Mady has defintely made us more patient when it comes to expecting her to develop like the websites and books say.  I have learned so much as we've watched Mady struggle to roll over, sit up, and crawl.  I am also so proud of her when she does something that I know she's had to work hard to figure out.  

What you feed your baby doesn't make you a good Mom or a bad Mom.
Most of you know Miss Mady's story the first few months of her life.  I started out breastfeeding but at her 2 week appointment she was no where near her birth weight.  After meeting with a lactation consultant everyday for a week, counting the amount of CC's my child was consuming, and all the stress that was on Jeremy and I, we decided it was best for Mady and us to switch to formula.  At first, I was a little torn about it.  Now looking back, I would do it again in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. 

Please indulge me as I go on my soapbox.  I have been super frustrated by mom's who think breastfeeding is the only way.  They vilanize the use of formula calling it "gross" and something "they would never do".  

I completely know and understand that breastfeeding is best for baby in most cases but it doesn't always turn out that way.  To make mom's who choose to formula feed or have no other option than to use formula feel bad because of it is rediculous.  I use to be one of those women who sat in judgement if I saw a mom use formula especially with a tiny little one.  NOw, I sit there understanding that it may not have been that mom's choice.  And instead of judging or being critical or putting up signs that say formula is evil, mom's who can breastfeed should be thankful they can and realize other mom's would love to be able to do the same.  

Lastly, back to the lesson learned....this whole bonding thing that happens when you breast feed is beyond crap.  Mady and I have a strong bond and we have fed her formula since week 3.  WHAT YOU FEED YOUR BABY DOESN'T DETERMINE HOW YOU ARE AS A MOTHER!

Ok done with that.  I promise they won't all be like that!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mady's Halloween

Mady had such a fun Halloween! Since Mom had basketball practice that went until 5:30, we didn't do a lot of trick-or-treating but we did go around the block.  Miss Mady was our cute "lil punkin"!  

Trying to steal candy from her bucket!
Checking out her loot!
Sister Lexi had to join in!  (Sidenote: having trick or treaters come to our door with Lexi in the house is no fun.  She goes crazy!  Jeremy and I both decided it's more fun if we just leave the candy dish on our steps for people to take.)
My sweet Pumpkin!