Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Crafts

We have been trying to stay busy around here waiting for Baby Sister to make her appearance.  
I'm really impatient right now and the fact that she has dropped so low makes moving around a bit uncomfortable.
I also had back contractions on Friday and we went to the clinic to be monitored.  Baby's heartbeat was all over the place so they sent me to the hospital for more monitoring.  Thankfully, after being monitored in the hospital for a couple of hours, Baby's heartbeat settled down.  We also had another sonogram at the hospital which confirmed that she definitely is a girl.  She was showing off her lady parts for all of us to see:) 

Anyway, Mady and I have tried to stay busy doing things around the house.  Here's a few examples.
1. Coffee Filter Painting  (One of the easiest crafts since we always have everything we need to do it!)

 2. Sponge/Car Painting  (Mady really enjoyed driving her cars through the paint.)
3. Shaving Cream Bathtub painting

4. Halloween Window Stickers (these have been awesome!  I found these in the dollar section of Target.  Mady loves them and I have bought several packages of them!)

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  1. Hadley loves stickers too! I love the dollar section :) Have you tried Dollar Tree? They have a ton of stuff too! :)