Friday, March 30, 2012


As most of you know, Miss Mady has had some difficulty with her gross motor skills since she was a newborn.  She has received physical therapy since she was about 3 months old.  
Today we went to meet with a specialist, physical therapist, and an orthotist (person that makes orthotics) at the Mobility and Spacicity Clinic in Wichita. 
To be honest, I was nervous.
Up until now, every time we go to a doctor's office, it seems it's all about what she can't do and where she should be at, at her age.  So negative.  It's like they think we're unaware and don't understand that she's behind. 
Today was different.  
Today I actually heard...
"For how little her muscle tone is and because she's hyper mobile (meaning every joint is double jointed) I am surprised and impressed that she is doing as much as she is.  Most kids we see that have both of these issues, are not doing nearly what she is.  You're doing a good job!"

You don't even know how much that helped this mama's heart.  
There are so many times I wonder if I should've done something differently when she was smaller.  
I also question myself and think that I'm not working with her enough now when I'm with her all day. 
So to hear that she's making HUGE gains and that me, Jeremy, and the Physical Therapist are doing great things with her was just what I needed to hear.
I was also reminded of how blessed we truly are.
The specialist commented that most kids that have low muscle tone also have gross motor problems.  Meaning, their body doesn't even know what to do to make it move.  Mady knows what she needs to do, she just can't because her muscles aren't strong enough.
Over and over, they commented on how bright, intelligent, and social Miss Mady was and that she will get stronger and will walk soon. 
Proverbs 25:11 "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We've been a little busy around here lately.
This past weekend, we went to The Woodlands, TX to visit Jeremy's sister Amy, brother-in-law Andrew, and our newest nephew Will, who is only 1 month old. (Sidenote: I don't understand why it's called "THE Woodlands".  We don't live in "THE Wichita" or "THE Tulsa".  I just don't get it. )
Anyway, Mady did amazing on the 9+ hour drive but we were all so glad to be home.  I'll blog more about the trip later.
In the meantime, we've been getting our house ready to sell.  
We've had a couple of showings but nothing substantial yet.
I'm pretty sure I'm tired of the house selling process already.  
Finding a place to go when it's pouring down rain with a dog and a baby and only 30 minutes notice is not so much fun.  Thanks Sarah for allowing us to crash at your house!
Mady has been her usual silly self and has been chatting up a storm.  
It seems like this month we've made huge gains again in the area of her verbal skills.
I'm proud to say that she is officially saying "Mama" and not just when she's whining!  YAY!  (We've been saying "dada" since we were 9 months old.  However, now, she loves to yell "Dada" as loud as she can.  It's pretty funny!)
To finish this rambling post, here are a few pictures of Miss Mady doing her favorite thing at the moment, swinging in her swing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Patty's Day

We didn't do anything special for St. Patty's day.  Actually it was quite the opposite.  We worked and worked and worked around the house getting it ready to sell.  We had lots of help from Jeremy's parents which we're very thankful for!
Here's Miss Mady's cute St. Patty's Day outfit!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Mady loves to play with a sensory tub so I thought I would use my creative juices (aka and make a fun spring sensory tub.  
I took white rice and dyed it green and yellow.  I then threw in some easter eggs we had in the basement.  I put 1 M&M in each egg so they rattle when she shakes them.  I also threw in some foam butterflies and ribbon.  Mady LOVES playing with it.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday was a gorgeous day! And today is suppose to be just as nice!  We are loving this weather!  Mady loves being outside and it's so nice to be able to go outside and play.
Checking out what's happening in the front yard with daddy!

It looks like she's resting her foot on the fence...but...she's just lifting her foot up because she doesn't like the feel of the grass!

Daddy tried to make us crawl on the grass but we didn't want to!

Pretty girl!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Park Play!

Last Thursday evening was beautiful so we took full advantage of it and went to the park.  Mady's Grammy and Papa (Jeremy's parents) came up for dinner and joined us.  

Mady loves the swings! And she did much better on the slide.  Wasn't as scared as the first time.  Here are a few videos for you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun with Dada

Today we spent at home organizing and cleaning out boxes.  We did take a break to play with our sweet girl, who unfortunately has a bad cough again.  

I love her face!

As you can tell, she loved it!  We will definitely have to do this in a few months when we move!

Friday, March 2, 2012

15 months!

Miss Mady is 15 months today!  She is growing up so fast!
At 15 months she is:
  • Sitting up from laying down, pulling up on furniture, sitting down from standing, and cruising along the furniture.  It has been an explosion of gross motor skills this month!  We've been so pleased to see her progress. 
  • Not saying any new words than she was last month but she's getting more clear each day.  She is starting to try to say "Lexi" for our dog but it comes out more like "ck-si".  With a "k" sound at the beginning instead of an "L" sound.  
  • Wearing 12 month and a few 18 month clothes.
  • Playing much better by herself.  It's so funny to watch!  She also pretends she's on the phone a lot and says "Hi Dad" and then continues to jabber away like she's talking to her "dada".
  • Stinky.  We are having issues with Miss Mady pooping 5-8 times a day and it being pretty runny (and smelly).  So we're currently trying to figure out what's going on and I have had to get samples for the doctor... SO. GROSS.
  • Teething.  She has had several new teeth come in this month.  She's handled it pretty well but in the evening, they really bother her.  
  • Being her normal social self.  She waves at everyone, even people she doesn't know.  She also gives hugs when we ask her to.
And I cannot forget this...her most favorite thing to play with is cars!  She loves them and makes the "vroom vroom" sound when she's playing with them.  
Loves music...Loves cars...she's very much like my sister and brother:-)