Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Family Picture...

Our family picture will look a little different next year...
That's right!  We're having another little girl!
And we're SO excited!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wyoming House

So this last week, Jeremy and I were in Cheyenne house hunting.  It was really like House Hunters on HGTV but in real life and without the $500,000 budget.  
We flew up EARLY Monday morning and I started looking at houses with our realtor at noon.  I looked at houses during the day while Jeremy was working and decided which were good enough to show him during our evening house hunting sessions.  I saw lots of amazing properties like this beauty:

Complete with a chandelier and floor length mirrors in EVERY room.  Plus the carpet is just awesome.  Needless to say I probably spent 5 minutes in this house and it didn't make the cut for houses to show Jeremy in the evening.  
I was getting a little discouraged because it seemed like we just weren't finding a house that would meet most of our criteria:
~3 bedrooms on the same level
~a nice yard
~house needing a little remodeling but basically move-in ready
~no weird stuff like chandeliers in the laundry room

On Tuesday during our day looking, the realtor suggested a house that had just come on the market the previous Friday.  It looked decent and met most of our criteria on paper so I decided it would be worth a shot to look at.  And that's when we found our house.
 I liked it from the beginning but it did take a little compromise from Jeremy.  He was set on a nice LARGE yard and well this one, is a little smaller than our last house. 
But it is only 1/8 mile away from a great walking path called the Greenway and 1/2 mile from a park so that made up for the yard.  
It's also not in a scummy part of town and close to shopping (woohoo!).  
There are a few things we'll change fairly quickly like:
Carpet in the kitchen (Yuck!).  
But overall, it's definitely move in ready for the most part and we can add our own personal touches in time.  
Like removing wall paper and painting!
We're so glad that God provided a good house for us.  It was definitely a God thing since this was the last house I saw on our house hunting trip.  Continue to pray that the inspections go well and that there isn't anything major happening in the next month before we close on July 2.